An hotel near d-day landing beaches , the Normandy American Cemetery , Arromanches Memorial and Omaha Beach

An hotel near d-day landing beaches and the Normandy American Cemetery
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D-day landing beaches in Normandy

Located 5km from the D-day landing beaches, the hotel was in the front line during the battle of Normandy. Initially a stronghold occupied by the Germans during the war, it was used as an administrative base and it's lands were used as an airfield. After the D-day landings in Normandy, the English troops turned it into an allied base.
The Caen Memorial, a timeless homage to the soldiers who fell during the Normandy landings, is half an hour away from the hotel.
The Memorial Général de Gaulle and the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy in Bayeux recount the glorious hours of the battle of Normandy.
Several kilometers from the hotel, alongside the D-day landing beaches, Colleville sur Mer hosts the American cementery.
Arromanches, 6km from the hotel, was one of the main battlefields of the battle of Normandy. Arromanches 360 presents a documentary on 9 screens in a circular cinema. Mixing images from the archives and modern day images, the film recounts the defining moments of the battle of Normandy.
The D-day Museum in Arromanches exhibits videos and animated models in front of the remains of the artificial port, in order to preserve the memory of the Normandy landings. The hotel is a charming hotel close to the D-day landing beaches.

Museum, Memorial and Cemetery

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An hotel near d-day landing beaches and the Normandy American Cemetery
Tower near the American Cemetery